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1989. The year of the symbolical end of communism in Poland as well as in all Central Europe, and the beginning of freedom. The generation, which entered then the active life, had everything to learn ahead of them: democracy, capitalism and creativity. The streets of all cities were dark, dirty and grey: this was the sad heritage of a regime that consciously destroyed the soul and the culture of the country. There was nothing, or so little left, only the crazy energy of the polish youth in order to create, and allow themselves everything.


Gosia Baczynska, the biggest polish fashion designer

The “fashion tsarina”, as called by some of her friends in fashion magazines, belongs to the generation that arrived at this key moment of the history of Poland in the beginning of the 90’s. Twenty years later, it’s Gosia Baczynska who creates history. Beautiful, emotional, deep: the History of fashion.
Gosia was born in a small town near Wroclaw, west of Poland. At the age of 12, she tried to sew her first jacket using an old machine, following the instructions given in a Russian couture book. Surprisingly for her, it was a success.
Amused, she continued and realized clothes for her sister Beata, for her mother and for herself. She started to dress in a more and more extravagant way, showing up every day in her high school corridor

s with a new look. It was a good way to hide her shyness.
Gosia always knew that she wanted to become an artist, but she hesitated between fashion, architecture and sculpture. This question followed her during her whole youth.
One day, while she was studying Fine Arts, Gosia failed a technical drawing exam. Instead of waiting for a second session of the exam, she decided to take a bus to London and start a sabbatical year… without a penny, and without knowing any English.
During autumn 1991, she found a job as a seamstress in an atelier that realizes orders for English designers. This way she learned different techniques, watched models, touched materials.
“I thought that I didn’t have any talent, but I understood that fashion wouldn’t be for me only a passion, but also my future work”.
Back in Wroclaw, Gosia started preparing her first collection.
“It was for me a revolt against the greyness that surrounded me, against these who sold in the streets some horrible pieces of clothing with bad taste.”

One of her friends who imported materials from the Occident to Poland told her at that moment that she had no chances to succeed. She needed money in order to buy material of good quality.

“He repeated this with such strength… I believed that he wanted me to quit all my projects. I remember very well a night when, after a new discussion with him, I cried of discouragement and protest against his arguments. It was on that night, when I decided to succeed in spite of everything and against everything”.

Friday 13th August 1997: Gosia Baczynska created her company, without any business experience. She had no money, and no investor. At that time, the profession of fashion designer didn’t exist in Poland. First clients started showing up. Her dresses had a perfect cut, the materials were already made of unexpected quality, and among all, we could already guess her vision of the woman: “with allure and a light sensual touch”
Baczynska doesn’t draw. She works on the material alive. Material talks to her, she whispers to them her own history. She has the taste of rare cloth. Today, she orders embroideries, laces and prints, in places where most big couture houses order: Hermès, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior… Her crazy dream of ordering the most beautiful materials is fulfilled.
Her dresses to embroideries resemble to paintings. For Baczynska, there is no boundary between art, clothing, and the art of living. She is inspired by memories, paintings and architecture of the 20’s or the 80’s.

Gosia makes women dream. She understands them and sublimates them. Some designers make spectacular clothing that will especially make sensation on catwalks. Baczynska creates for women, who she dresses up. She wants to make them feel unique in her creations, keeping the essence of functionality. Gosia Baczynska empowers women in a non-masculine way, but transforming her spirit, sensuality, mystery into real power.


The couture house of Gosia Baczynska is now celebrating it’s 15th anniversary. If show business stars adore her, it’s always her and herself who will choose who will wear her creations. She is able to say no to who would wear her creations at fashion shows. Capricious? No, rather intransigent…

Gosia Baczynska doesn’t try to please, because all that she does has to please her first, inspire her, amuse her, convince her.

When Bergdorf Goodman, the prestigious and luxurious shop in New York wanted to order some of her creations, she didn’t feel ready, she didn’t know yet how to organise the production properly. She preferred to wait for a better moment.
She needs to reach the end of herself, reach perfection after uncountable metamorphoses, and then finally share her emotion.

“Nothing is ever enough for me. I always think about what is wrong, what needs to reach perfection. I have fifteen years of expe

rience, but I am always scared not to be good enough.”


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